November 14, 2018

Final Adoption of Ordinance 2018-483
The public is hereby notified that the Aztec City Commission approved at their Regular Commission Meeting on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 the following:
A. Final Adoption of Ordinance 2018-483 Amending Chapter 26, Article III, Division 2 Communications Tower and Antenna ORDINANCE EFFECTIVE 12/16/18
The ordinance is available for the public to review at 201 W. Chaco, Aztec, NM.
City of Aztec
Karla Sayler
201 W Chaco
Aztec, NM 87410
Aztec Business Incubator (HUB)
The Aztec Business Incubator (HUB) is closed due to remodeling efforts. Only the 550 Brewing Company LLC will remain open until the entire facility is completely closed. Please contact (505)334-7505 for all questions and concerns.