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If there are questions regarding requirements for Development and/or Construction within the City of Aztec, please contact the following departments:

➠ Community Development Department: Steven Saavedra at 334-7605

Aztec Development Handbook

A quick overview of what may be involved when developing residential or commercial properties in the City of Aztec.
Handbook 2016 (PDF 531 KB)

Aztec Development Properties Portfolio

List of vacant and developable properties in Aztec. Information includes zoning district, parcel size, road speed, restrictions, etc.
Properties Portfolio (PDF 3.1 MB)

Flood Hazard Regulations

Chapter 9 of the City Code which regulates and enforces the process and procedure required when building in an area designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to be a flood zone.
Chapter 9 - Flood Hazard (PDF 133 KB)

Land Use Regulations

Chapter 26 of the City Code which regulates the zoning and land use of parcels within the City limits of Aztec.
Chapter 26 - Land Use (PDF 536 KB)

Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 23 of the City Code which regulates the subdividing of land land and property for commercial and/or residential development within the City limits and the Extra-Territorial Zone area (ETZ) of the City of Aztec.
Chapter 23 - Subdivisions (PDF 309 KB)

Oil and Gas Regulations

Chapter 15 of the City Code which regulates the construction and operation of an oil and gas site within the City limits of Aztec.
Chapter 15 - Oil and Gas (PDF 114 KB)

Construction Standards

Standards for construction of infrastructure to buildings and subdivisions. Available individually or by Section as PDF files.
➠ Construction Standards

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Four Corners Economic Development, Inc (4CED) is a great source for information on Economic Development in Aztec and San Juan County.