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    The City of Aztec has created An account with Public Surplus ( This is an on-line auction website for public surplus.
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    Upcoming Scheduled Commission Meetings

    • October 24: Commission Meeting
    • November 14: Commission Meeting
    • November 28: Commission Meeting

    Interim City Manager

    The City Commission has appointed Steve Mueller as temporary Acting City Manager until an agency has been hired to conduct a search for an Acting City Manager to function in the interim until after the Municipal Elections are held in March 2018. At which time, the new City Commission will be involved in the process of hiring a new City Manager.

    Shelter Special

    Shelter Special Miss Pixie! Pixie is a one of a kind special girl. She is full of bouncy energy and happy as can be. Most of the time her tongue hangs out sideways, she has what can only be described as a nervous tick. Pixie clicks her jaw together constantly. There is no obvious reason for this and she even does it while under anesthesia. The vet does not think there is anything that can be done about it , doesn't cause any's just "Pixie". Pixie is just a little "different" but she doesn't know that and it surely doesn't slow her down or change her zest for life. When she arrived at the shelter she was very scared and timid. She definitely came out of her shell but she does need someone with patience and understanding. Pixie is a mix breed and weighs 25 lbs. She has been spayed already and is eagerly awaiting a family to call her own.

    ➠ Learn More about Adoption

    Utility Ordinances

    The Aztec City Commission approved the Final Adoption for the Ordinances on a series of Utility Rate changes at their regular meeting on September 12, 2017:

  • ➠ Ordinance 2017-462: Amending Chapter 16, Division 3, Section 16-181 Electric Rates
  • ➠ Ordinance 2017-463: Amending Chapter 16, Division 3, Section 16-201 Water Rates
  • ➠ Ordinance 2017-464: Amending Chapter 16, Section 16-191 Waste Water Rates
  • ➠ Ordinance 2017-465: Amending Chapter 16, Section 16-211 Solid Waste Rates to Include Recycling Center

  • Ordinances become effective October 1, 2017.

    Interactive Cyclist Map

    NMDOT has set up a website with an interactive map where cyclists and others can share information as part of the planning process for prioritizing routes that are safe and offer the most connectivity.

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