Aztec Vision Plan 2014 The City of Aztec Commission has recently adopted the Aztec Vision Plan. For this Plan, the City drew ideas and inspiration from our local citizens and has worked to stay true to their needs, their criticisms, their aspirations and their visions of the future. City Commissioners will be going throughout the community in the coming weeks to deliver the City of Aztec Vision Plan door to door. In addition the Commissioners will be available for questions or they can simply deliver the plan to you and let you delve into it on your own. Read more and learn about the vision of our citizens: Aztec Vision Plan


The Aztec Public Works Department will be holding a Public Information Meeting on Thursday, August 7th from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm to answer questions about the Simonds Road Reconstruction Project. The meeting will be held in the conference room of the new Public Works Facility at 610 Western Drive. For More Information...


Starting August 4th, there will be changes in Red Apple routes. For more information and maps visit


Median work on NE Aztec Blvd between Pioneer Heights and Dairy Queen has begun and will last for approximately 2 weeks. Be advised that there may be a single lane closure in either direction during the construction period.


The City of Aztec is warning its electric customers of a utility scam. Some customers have received calls informing them their electric service will be disconnected if they do not pay an amount immediately. During these calls they are being asked to provide personal information or put money on a prepaid card. The City of Aztec will never call you to tell you will be disconnected if you don't pay immediately. If a representative from the City of Aztec contacts you for any reason, we will always identify ourselves. We will never call and ask you to provide personal or financial information over the phone. If you are uncomfortable about the call, please hang up and call our office at (505) 334-7670, to verify that it was indeed the City of Aztec making the call.


Aztec High School graduates have the opportunity to purchase a 4-inch by 8-inch brick and have it custom engraved and then built into a permanent structure at one of the City's parks. Location will be determined by the City of Aztec and will be dependent upon scheduled park improvements and/or projects. For examples, visit Tiger Park kiosks or Riverside Park bridge stage. Remember Me Brick Form


Light Plant Rd - Aztec Blvd

NMDOT will recommence construction at the intersection of Light Plant Rd and W Aztec Blvd. Construction is anticipated to be completed by August 14, 2014.

Median Project

The City is in the process of doing median improvements on NE Aztec Blvd (US 550) from Pioneer Ave to Maddox Ave. Street lighting is complete. Stamped concrete in the medians is underway.

North Pedestrian Bridge

Construction is complete on the North Pedestrian Bridge which will enable pedestrian connection from downtown Aztec to the Aztec Ruins National Monument. Installation of the bridge has been completed but not open for public access until the trail has been completed. Construction of the trail will begin August 11 and should be completed within 45 days.

For a list and status of other projects visit the Plans and Projects page.

North Main Conceptual Input


The City of Aztec is wrapping up final design on the North Main Corridor. To learn more and view the conceptual, visit the Community Forum Website and provide your comments/input.


The City Commission has established through Resolution a review process to measure goal acchievments of the City Manager and City Departments through an Annual Performance Plan. This plan lists various projects that departments will be doing throughout the fiscal year to accomplish the nine principal goals established by City Commission. agencies.
Read the Annual Performance Plan
Read the Commission Goals & Policies



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