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    RV Service Station

    The City of Aztec's RV service station is located at 201 W. Chaco Street. Use of the station is FREE and includes potable water, sewer disposal and trash disposal and is open to the public 24/7.

    Aztec Visitor Center

    The Aztec Visitor Center can assist you with tourism attractions and points of interest, this includes providing you with maps, directions and contact information throughout the community of Aztec.
    Aztec Visitor Center
    110 N. Ash Avenue
    (505) 334-9551
    (505) 334-7632
    (888) 543-4629


    Aztec Public Library

    Provides local resources and FREE Public Access Computers and WIFI available. Digital Technology program offers multimedia resources with a membership fee.
    Aztec Public Library
    319 S. Ash Ave
    (505) 334-7657


    A general business license application is required along with a $35.00 fee.

  • Business License [PDF 476 KB]
  • A meeting with the City's Plan Review Team is required prior to filming in Aztec; a thirty (30) day lead time is requested.
    City of Aztec
    Community Development
    201 W. Chaco St
    (505) 334-7604

    Additionally, depending on the type of scenes you intend to plan, the following sections of Municipal Code should be reviewed:

  • Chapter 8, Fire Protection and Prevention [PDF 135 KB]
  • Chapter 12, Offenses (Noise Disturbance, etc.) [PDF 196 KB]
  • Chapter 20, Signs [PDF 1.7 MB]
  • Chapter 26, Land Use [PDF 719 KB]
  • Municipal Codes are found at; please note this list of Municipal Code is not exhaustive and there may be other sections of code that could apply to your production.


    Film production is normally allowed on City and county roads. Permission must be requested from the City of Aztec or San Juan County government in advance of any road closures.

  • • City of Aztec Public Works - (505) 334-7660
  • • City of Aztec Police Department - (505) 334-7601
  • • San Juan County Sheriff's Office - (505) 334-6107
  • • San Juan County Administration - (505) 334-9481


    Any food service operation not licensed by the State of New Mexico must apply for a Temporary Food Service Permit from the New Mexico Environment Department.
    Field Operations Division
    (505) 827-1840


    The standard insurance requirement for filming in New Mexico is a $1,050,000 comprehensive general liability insurance policy (which is the limit of the New Mexico Tort Claims Act). It is required by all public permitting agencies. It must be issued in the form of an original certificate, covering the entire period of the film production, naming the City of Aztec (permit issuing agency) and its employees as additionally insured. Additional coverage may be required for hazardous work such as highway stunts. When naming the City of Aztec as additionally insured, please use for the address of the certificate holder:
    City of Aztec
    201 W. Chaco St
    Aztec NM, 87410

    Certificates can be mailed to the same address or faxed to (505) 334-7609.


    HIGHWAYS SURROUNDING AZTEC ARE NM ROUTE 516 TO THE WEST, US HIGHWAY 550 TO THE NORTH AND SOUTH, NM ROUTE 173 TO NAVAJO DAM AND NM ROUTE 574 TO LA PLATA. The New Mexico Department of Transportation allows filming, with permission, on its State highways and, in some cases, the interstate system. Before any filming begins on or next to the highway, the appropriate right-of-way district highway office must be contacted in advance for the required permit. There is no fee for filming on a State highway. Liability insurance is required in the amount of at least $1 million. Additional coverage may be required for hazardous work such as highway stunts. Depending on the complexity of the production, intermittent traffic control may be required for the safety of the public and crew. The Department of Transportation permit requires either State Police officers or the appropriate County Sheriff officers for traffic control.
    Film Office
    (505) 476-5600

    Santa Fe
    Assistant Traffic Services Engineer
    (505) 827-0285


    Shooting is normally allowed on city and county roads. Permission must be requested in advance from the appropriate municipal or county government.
    City of Aztec
    (505) 334-7602

    San Juan County
    (505) 334-4271


    Intermittent traffic control (I.T.C.) must be coordinated with the office having jurisdiction -- either the Aztec Police Department or San Juan County Sheriff's Office. A written proposal outlining traffic control needs and a two-week lead time are requested. New Mexico State Police share jurisdiction with the respective county sheriffs. If a production company is planning to use interstate or State highways, a State highway permit is also required for traffic control. If you plan to use New Mexico State Police officers, a memorandum of agreement is required, and a two-week lead time is requested to schedule officers.
    State Police Legal Department
    (505) 827-9036.

    The New Mexico Film Office can also help direct you to the appropriate officials: (505) 476-5600


    Any out-of-state production vehicle more than 12,000 pounds gross vehicle weight requires a prepaid permit from the Motor Vehicle Division. The permit covers the highway use tax. Vehicles over 26,000 pounds will also be subject to a fuel tax calculated by the mile. Permits and fees can be paid in advance to the Motor Vehicle Division, Vehicle Services Bureau at (505) 827-1005 . Permits may also be obtained at the Ports of Entry, though this method may cause some delays. The Ports of Entry locations and numbers are listed below.


  • • Anthony (575) 882-247
  • • Gallup (505) 905-3265
  • • Hobbs (575) 393-4362
  • • Lordsburg (575) 542-8811
  • • Nara Visa (575) 633-2929
  • • Raton (575) 445-8419
  • • San Juan (575) 576-2461
  • • Shiprock (505) 368-4429
  • • Texico (575) 482-3271

    If you are using animals in your project:
    American Humane Association
    Film and Television Unit
    11530 Ventura Blvd.
    Studio City CA, 91604
    (818) 501-0123
    (818) 501-8725 fax


    BLM Processing Application - Processing an application will take at least 30 days, and will vary with larger motion picture projects. The review and approval procedure should take from 2 to 4 weeks from receipt of the application. Please plan on filming projects accordingly. For more information or to apply for a film permit, please provide the necessary information and application form to:
    Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
    Realty Specialist
    6251 College Blvd. Ste A
    Farmington, NM 87402
    (505) 564-7728


    The Farmington Convention & Visitors Bureau serves as a liaison to the New Mexico Film Office and is endorsed by both the City of Farmington and San Juan County to represent the area. The Farmington Convention & Visitors Bureau office will help make the process as easy as possible. A good resource of information is available by visiting:
    Farmington Convention & Visitors Bureau
    Executive Director Tonya Stinson
    (505) 326-7602
    (800) 448-1240


    What to do when you find the location:
    1. Establish the ownership of the location of interest and be sure to confirm this directly with the owner/division. The local County Clerk's office and local planning/community development offices can often assist you in identifying legal ownership of a land parcel. Ask if there is more than one entity involved in the ownership and if there is a managing entity; this could mean more than one permit is needed. Who to initially call varies, but for land and buildings consider starting with the County Assessor's Office, the City Film Office or Film Liaison closest to the property and the State Film Office to find out who owns (or doesn't own) the location.
    2. The earlier you contact the owner the better. Companies considering filming on federal property must connect with the proper Federal contact immediately. Be aware that security clearances for all cast and crew entering the property must be processed with Homeland Security, and expect a lead time of three to four weeks for final approval. For instance, Federal government agencies may tell you it could take up to 45 to 60 days to process an application.
    3. Don't assume that the person you contact understands the film process, regardless of whether they seem in agreement with allowing filming on their property. For instance, be sure to explain whether you are inquiring or are requesting to actually use the location and that multiple tech scouts may need to occur before the decisions are made whether the location is needed and to what extent.
    4. Anticipate and establish all the possibilities of use for that location to include in the inquiry and potentially the permit application. Consider including more details in the application than you will probably need. For instance, if you believe the production is not sure if 5 or 50 horses will be in the scene, be prepared to request that the permit approval includes 50 horses and any additional conditions to allow that.
    5. Cultural, ecological, and public impacts to a location may require a determination per the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA).
    6. Depending upon the request, a determination must be made on the type of permit(s)/licensure(s) and a (reasonable) price must be negotiated.
    7. Ultimately, do you know the time frame for receiving the permits and do you know what would be required if the permit needs an amendment?
    8. Make sure to establish a location release and process with the owner ahead of time.
    9. Companies considering filming on federal property must connect with the proper federal contact immediately. Be aware that security clearances for all cast and crew entering the property must be processed with Homeland Security, and expect a lead time of three to four weeks for final approval.

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