Upcoming Commission Meetings

• May 28: Commission Meeting
• June 11: Commission Meeting
• June 25: Commission Meeting

City Offices Closed Memorial Day

All City of Aztec Offices will be closed Monday, May 27, for Memorial Day.

Kidfest 2019

Do you have a trash truck fan at home?

Waste Management will have a truck at Kidfest on June 1 from 10 am to 4 pm for your truck fan!

Drinking Water System Flushing

On Monday, May 13, 2019, the City of Aztec will begin flushing of the City's drinking water distribution system. The system flushing may take up to 7 weeks to complete and will be performed during the day on Monday through Thursday each week during this period. It is anticipated that flushing will be completed by July 1, 2019. This flushing is a standard procedure in the operation of a drinking water system and will consist of opening fire hydrants throughout the system to remove sediment that may have collected in the system. By design, this flushing will stir up sediment in the system and may result in discolored water and sediment in the drinking water from your faucets. Should such sediment or discoloration occur, it can be alleviated by turning water on in a faucet and letting it run until the water is clear and free of sediment. Throughout the flushing, your water will be safe to drink, but the sediment can be a nuisance. As a precaution, sampling of the water will be performed throughout the flushing period to assure that the quality of the water is not diminished. Thank you in advance for your patience during this system maintenance.

Stage 1 Water Shortage Emergency

The City of Aztec is in Stage 1 water shortage emergency and will remain in place until further notice. Stage 1 is voluntary.

  • ➠ Stage 1 Water Shortage Notice (PDF 41 KB)
  • ➠ Chapter 31 - Water Conservation and Drought Plan (PDF 110 KB)

  • Water Flow and Drought Conditions

  • ➠ Animas River Gauge (Near Cedar Hill)
  • ➠ Animas River Gauge (Below Aztec)
  • ➠ Animas River Gauge (At Farmington)
  • ➠ Drought Monitor

  • ➠ Site Map


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