Safest Places in New Mexico

Aztec is ranked #6 as the safest place in New Mexico.
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Most Beautiful Towns in New Mexico

Aztec is ranked in the top 10 most beautiful towns in New Mexico.
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The City of Aztec has created An account with Public Surplus (wwww.publicsurplus.com). This is an on-line auction website for public surplus.


Upcoming Commission Meetings

• October 25: Commission Meeting
• November 8: Commission Meeting
• November 22: Commission Meeting

Water Shut-Off - October 25 & 26 (8 pm to 6 am)

Vicinity of Hwy 550 / N. Rio Grande/W. Sabena
The Public Works Department will be shutting water off to customers in the areas listed below to replace the main 16-inch water valve in the water plant. The inconvenience is unavoidable. The work will begin early in the day to prepare for the water to be shut off at 8 pm Tuesday night. Water is expected to be off as late as 6 am Wednesday morning while this critical valve is replaced in the water treatment plant. The City asks for your patience during this important water valve replacement. Affected areas include businesses and homes north and east of Hwy 550 between Main and Road 2976 and include services on the following streets:
• McCoy Ave/Road 2999
• Willow Lane/Road 2982
• River Pump Road (Road 2980)
• Road 2960
• El Sol
• Narrow Gauge
• Santistevan Lane
• Martinez Lane
• Sabena St (On northwest side of Hwy 550)
• Long Lane
• Pinon St
• Pioneer Ave
• Maddox Ave
• N. Rio Grande Ave (North of Hwy 550)
• Businesses north of Hwy 550 and east of Main including Subway and Aztec Restaurant
Affected customers should take remedial measures in advance. These precautionary plans could include stocking up on drinking water and storage of water in containers to use to flush your toilet. Please contact the Public Works Department at 334-7660 if you have questions or require assistance during this process.

Monitoring Requirements Not Met for Aztec Domestic Water System

On 9/16/2016, we became aware that our system recently failed to collect monitoring samples required by the Stage 2 Disinfectants/Disinfection Byproducts Rule. Although this incident was not an emergency, as our customers, you have a right to know what happened, and what we are doing to correct the situation.
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Safe Treats

Safe Treats
Safe Treats October 31: Downtown Main Ave from 4:00 to 6:00.

Autumn Clean-Up

Residents are reminded that leaves falling on their property are their responsibility. Please do not sweep the leaves in the street for the City to clean up. City clean up of fallen leaves is a huge effort and takes man-power and equipment away from infrastructure repair and installation. Please be responsible and clean up your leaves. Public Works will place dumpsters behind the Library for leaf disposal beginning the week of October 10. We ask that you please bag your leaves before disposal. Please do not use the dumpsters for disposal of garbage. Your cooperation is appreciated. The dumpsters will be in place through the leaf season. Please call Public Works at 334-7660 for more information.

Remember Me Bricks

Aztec High School graduates have the opportunity to purchase a 4-inch by 8-inch brick and have it custom engraved and then built into a permanent structure at one of the City's parks. Location will be determined by the City of Aztec and will be dependent upon scheduled park improvements and/or projects. For examples, visit Tiger Park kiosks or Riverside Park bridge stage.

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