Use of Disposable Wipes

The Public Works Department is having huge issues clearing sewer lines that have been plugged with disposable baby wipes. When flushed down toilets, the wipes get hung up on pipe irregularities and form clogs that cause costly sewer backups. We are being forced to use more sophisticated sewer cleaning techniques which are potentially very harmful to some of the city's older sewer pipes. These sewer cleaning efforts are not only causing thousands of dollars in extra work for Public Works employees but could cause damage to the sewer lines. Aztec Public Works implores Aztec residents to be responsible and discard wipes properly. Extra and frequent sewer cleaning activities cause increased manpower, equipment and repairs which in turn raise taxes and sewer fees. Please help us by disposing of your wipes in the trash - not in the toilet.

Spring Clean Up

Spring Clean Up Week is just around the corner (April 20 - 23). For more information on pick-ups and restrictions: Spring Clean Up Flyer

Remember Me Bricks

Aztec High School graduates have the opportunity to purchase a 4-inch by 8-inch brick and have it custom engraved and then built into a permanent structure at one of the City's parks. Location will be determined by the City of Aztec and will be dependent upon scheduled park improvements and/or projects. For examples, visit Tiger Park kiosks or Riverside Park bridge stage. Remember Me Brick Form


The City of Aztec is in the process of developing an account with Public Surplus - This is an on-line auction website for public surplus. Feel free to register as a buyer on this website. The City intends to begin its first Aztec Auction by the end of April.


Aztec Vision Plan 2014 The City of Aztec Commission adopted a Vision Plan earlier this year. For this Plan, the City drew ideas and inspiration from our local citizens and has worked to stay true to their needs, their criticisms, their aspirations and their visions of the future. Read more and learn about the vision of our citizens: Aztec Vision Plan


North Main Conceptual Input The conceptual and engineer design for the North main Corridor is complete.
View the North Main Corridor Design (PDF 4.5MB).


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